“To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.” - Desmond TuTu


Ive felt many ways in regards to the Troy Davis execution, first I was extremely uneducated about the situation. I mean I pay attention to pretty much everything but the lengths I go to educate myself on certain issues unfourtunately arent always great. But this particular situation sparked more interest, mainly because of my heart. My heart? Yes my heart. Im not your typical lady, I dont have much sympathy for people or things, and Im very good with playing the tough guy...NOW am I actually a tough guy..well girl? Thats for another entry, but i play it good. Anywho, while finding out more and more about Troy Davis and the countdown pretty much to the ending of his story, my heart began to feel very heavy, I felt for him. I questioned his thoughts, what he was doing with his days, how was his family, how were they holding up knowing that this may actually be the time where he doesnt get a stay or another chance to work this case, and prove his innocence. All the normal things that a normal person would think. i thought what would I do knowing my last day on earth was drawing near. On the day of his actual execution I worked myself up, had migraines, stayed glued to my twitter and CNN, as well as prayed for him everytime I thought about him. Ive read countless articles on the case and there seem to be pieces missing, things that Im sure you would only know if you were there, or if I was Troy Davis. Things that I dont believe matter, because i dont think an eye for an eye is the way of life. The range of emotions that I felt for this man were incredible to me, because i did not know him, not even a month prior was he a thought in my mind but like I said I saw enough Troy Davis talk I decided to be in the "know". As we all know the state of Georgia did execute him on Sep 21, 2011 and at that moment I questioned our system, what we're basing our "justice" on Casey Anthony didnt get charged because of lack of evidence, but we have this man who loses his life, 20 years in prison only to die based on what?

Ive read about protests and people called this "legalized lynching" I find it all very mind boggling that it actually happened, most think its a black white thing, but finding out statistically that its untrue that more black ppl die to white ppl by the dealth penalty, but that it IS true that more black ppl get the death penalty for killing white people, than any other nationality made it slightly a black white thing ("White supremacist gang member Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed Wednesday, September 21,2011 for the infamous dragging death slaying of James Byrd Jr., a black man from East Texas"). At this point I dont know what dealth of another person black or white is supposed to make the other feel, are we now working to inflict pain upon our family members? Because thats who has to deal with it, Mark MacPhail was taken from his family, and now Troy Davis officially from his, but both families are left with holes in there lives and heavy hearts, because killing another doesnt bring the other back. All in All its a fucked up situation. I pray for Troy Davis's family as well as the family of Mark Macphail, I pray for our justice system, and everyone thats protesting on behalf of this man. Hes gone but not forgotten, hes left such an impression on so many peoples minds he cant be forgotten


RIP Troy Davis