I Wonder:

Today we arrived back in Paris. I have no concept of time,I do know the date(7.28.11…wait its 7.29.11 here) as i write I look at my time on my macbook and it says 7:31 pm. Needless to say the clock on my bedside table says 4:31am. Whirlwind, I was on a yacht this morning in Monaco. It was atleast 80 degrees beautiful day, arrived in Paris and it was 35 Celcius…and raining. This life, wow. I don't have words to expressed the things Ive seen, Ive been reluctant with blogging about it because I wasn't sure of how to describe it. 

Let me try..

10 hour flight..12 suitcases and 3 Four Season suites later. We've arrived. Within 30 min of getting to the hotel we meet Queen Latifah, amazing energy. She introduced herself as "Lah" i introduced myself as "Jazzy" and she paused, smiled, and nodded her head "I heard that" I get chills when I think of the opportunity Ive had to be blessed with the people Ive been blessed with. Me and 7 of my closest friends(Framily) are in Paris, as a mini layover to our Tour of the Mediterrean.. Chills again..I never thought, NEVER in a million years that Id be back in Paris. Not to mention going to Monaco, Cannes, and St. Tropez. 

Paris reminds me so much of NY, the streets the buildings, the only difference is the people. And that in itself is an interesting site to see. I said to myself everyday Americans don't have a clue the whole trip, these people are more concerned with the quality of life rather than the money that they can get, working rather than living. I wonder..at what point did they decide that loving themselves was better than loving the dollar..well in there case the Euro

I wonder..I play Kanye a lot in Paris, Paris reminds me a lot of Kanye. My first trip to Paris was on account of him, Nov 2008 singing background for Melanie Fiona brought me to this place, the city was cool..literally in the middle of November it was neither cold, nor warm, just cool, the air was crisp, the city was moving, the sites were refreshing. Same place I was in right before that trip I was in before this trip. The space I was in warranted an open mind, because I was seeking, seeking clarity, peace as well as motivation and inspiration..That requires vulnerability because in order to experience everything fully you have to be present, open, and aware. That trip I wasn't fully present in all emotions I listed above, but I was ready for movement. This trip I was fully present, I appreciated, I was aware, and I made a promise to not be fearful, to allow Jazmine to fully be present, that was the best thing I could have ever done. This trip allowed me space to grow. I wanted that, Thank you Jesus because I got it

I cant wait to get back to LA, I have so much I want to write, I want to evolve, express, release, experiment, be vulnerable in my music, be emotional in my music, allow myself to be free in the process, walk around barefoot in the studio, light candles, sip red wine, or hell maybe even white when Im not counting the calories..YES I count em. Smoke a lil mary jane, play around with some crazy sounds, free my mind. Im excited for it all. Im ready for the ability to present you all with a gift, from all this, by me paying attention, I have something to give in return, sweetest thing Ive known. 

From Paris W/ Love,