Im most definitely starting backwards but hey, what can I say! Lol. I have yet to even put into words what this vacay that Im on has been...but I will, i promise i will. How? Im not even sure, but I will..This morning was our last morning in the South of france (St. Tropez) before heading back to Monaco, i decided not to sleep, to watch the sunrise and swim in the Mediterrean Sea...ALL by myself. :-) For those that know me, know im a fish, I can swim like no other BUT me and BIG bodies of water that I cant control dont really work for me. On this trip though I decided to step outside of myself, and live and enjoy..just be present in every moment. So I did, and what a amazing feeling, I jumped off a 20 ft yacht into the Med Sea, and at the point I was for sure I could do whatever. This trip has been a life changer and thats what I prayed it would be. Gave me peace, insipration, motivation, and momentum to put towards my life, goals and dreams. I actually cant wait to get home so I can get to work. Im pumped, Thanks Jesus because its been my prayer..and its been answered. :-)