Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters- As you all know for the past few years I have been releasing free music, traveling and doing shows by the Grace of God, all on love and a "Starving Artist" budget( laymens terms-zero dollars). Im now looking to put together my very first visual project, A.K.A. a music video. For those of you that know, the music industry has completely changed and its a very independent market the do it yourself type of attitude has completely taken over. I have been blessed to have an awesome director who is willing to direct my VERY first visual, and believes in me and my talent enough to waive tons of costs, there are a few things that he's not able to waive and with that we have started a donation project (Link below)

This site is actually a great tool for entrepreneurs, artists, or anyone doing anything. You all can check out the link, our goal is 750.00 but 1.00 dollar, yes ONE dollar would help work towards our goal. The process is easy and the site walks you through it all. I would be absolutely blessed to have you actually be a part of this project in more ways than one. :-) I thank you for your time, Love you all, Talk to you soon. -- Jazmine "Jazzy" Bailey