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I hear that Anita Baker also had a huge influence on what you ultimately chose as your profession...

I love a lot of artists, but my biggest influence would be Anita Baker. Growing up, I listened to a lot of everything though...From Destiny's Child to The Isley Brothers to Lauryn Hill. I preferred a lot of older artists rather than the modern mainstream.

What is the formula when it comes to your particular style of music?

R&B, not Pop/R&B, not R&B/Soul, just very straight R&B, like Brandy and Monica's "The Boy is Mine" days.

Now initially you aligned yourself with actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx, first inking to his Foxx/King Music imprint, correct? That being said, what later caused you all to part ways for good?

That story is an interesting one, but long story short...A friend of mine was a dancer for Chris Brown a little while back, played him some of my music, Chris loved it, (and) wanted to meet me. When he came to L.A., we met and my future publisher, LaRonda Sutton, happened to be on his tour bus, (and) soon after we ended up speaking with LaRonda about a publishing situation and in April of 2007 we ended up signing to Foxx/King.