Theres certain goals you wish to reach in your career, As an artist Ive always wondered what it felt like to win a Grammy. I mean to be recognized as one of the greats amongst your peers on national TV. WOW, thats just something I dream of, and waiiiiit to accomplish. Well on June 12,2011 I saw someone reach a goal that they have been working towards for the past 10 years. My fam Tyson Chandler and The Dallas Mavericks became our 2011 NBA World Champs. The underdogs won. The last 18 seconds of the game, you could see it on his face, and on his teammates face that everything they had worked so hard for was coming together quickly, they beat the Miami Heat by 10 points on their court. I was in awe, as were they by the looks of their faces. 

The moment was a motivating one for me, I personally know the work that was put in by Senor Chandler as I like to call him and after being hurt, tossed aside, counted out, and not even mentioned as the amazing Center that he is, to come back and have the most amazing season of his NBA career, and win a Championship, just showed me the way to work and win, when the odds are against you.

Of course we partied harder than we ever partied before while celebrating there win, all the while, I couldnt wait to get back to LA to turn that inspiration into be able to continue to work towards the things I want for myself as an artist.