While listening to Willie Hutchs(Google him) version of MJs "I wanna Be Where You are"(one of my FAV MJ records, his cover was sampled in MJB's "Cant Hide From Love" off The BreakThrough ALbum) I decided to Google him, wasnt sure if he was the originator of this record, or if he was covering it. Found out he covered it, and that the orginal writers were Leon Ware, and Arthur "T-Boy" Ross who happened to be Diana Ross's younger brother. They also wrote my FAV Marvin Gaye record "I Want You". This just made me wish I was around during those Motown days. Aside from the creativity that was coming out of one building, it was so much talent at your fingertips. Not to say that its not the same now...buuut...you know it was different then. 

Wish I was apart of that era, I probably really wouldve been a flower child, but fuck it. Live and let Live right?..YUP. We've lost alot of Greats, hope we can create some more. Pray Ill be apart of them, if so Id be in great company.