This is deep, and iLove it. gave new meaning to the record for me personally. And the fact that dude looks just like Chris, I mean it could just be a concidence but i doubt it. Im sure most are concerned of the image shes portraying for young girls, but shes a young girl herself, and shes expressing herself and what shes most likely been through, through her art. So we really cant expect her to be that mindful of what shes saying to her audience. But then again it is a trickle down effect, if you miss the moment where you should be having the violence isnt love conversation with ur kids, because you were too busy, or missed those signs..they may think that what Rihanna is showing in this song, is love..which we all know not to be true. But hey! who am I to say anything..WHAT I will say, is we are watching a super star bud before our eyes, we can all say she cant perform live and isnt that great at singing, but whatever the qualities are that she does have, shes mastered them, and we all love her. Her vulnerability and carefree spirit has become something that we all can identify with and admire, AND WE DO! So CHEERS TO RIH RIH!!! Growth is awesome, and shes doing just that.